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Career Coaching – How to Find the Right Career Opportunities for YOU

When people initially contact me to inquire about career coaching, they often find it challenging to imagine that they could ever find a career that energizes and inspires them. Some are hoping for advice on what career path to pick and ask: “Will you give me specific career suggestions?” or “Can you tell me what I should do, given my skills and experience?”

I completely understand how uncomfortable it can feel to be without specific answers to these questions. I have been there myself, wishing someone would just give me the answers so that I could move on to the next chapter of my career.

From my own journey to career clarity as well as from witnessing my career coaching clients succeed, I have come to appreciate how awareness grows through coaching.

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How to Stay Focused on Your Career Clarity Journey

How can you stay focused on your career clarity journey, when so many distractions are vying for your attention? One of my career coaching clients, let’s call him Tom, is in the midst of building his consulting business that he is very passionate about.

However, he often gets distracted by day dreams about becoming a farmer. His longing to go back to the land distracts him from pursuing his current venture whole-heartedly. As an example of how you can turn your distracting day dream into a guide that helps you stay focused, here’s how Tom did it.

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Success is Transferable – How to Draw on What’s Working Well in Your Life to Create Career Fulfillment

We tend to be so problem focused that we often don’t pay attention to our success. When we take note of what is working well in our lives, we can use the insights we gain to make positive changes in the aspects of our lives that feel stuck and unfulfilled. Here’s how one of my career coaching clients, let’s call her Liz, did exactly this beautifully and successfully.

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3 Steps to Build Trust When Going Through Career Change

Trust is an essential ingredient, when going through a career change. Yet it often seems out of reach, when we need it the most.  Do you ever catch yourself, thinking up worst case scenarios and preparing your game plan? You are certainly not alone. When you do, you temporarily loose trust in things working out well. How can you find trust within when outside circumstances don’t seem to deserve your trust? It’s easier than you might think.

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Fun is Better than Perfect – In Your Career and in Life

‘Fun is better than perfect’ is a maxim for all of us prone to endlessly waiting for the perfect circumstances to arrive to begin doing what we really want. We end up regretting the things we didn’t do, rather than the things we might have done ‘imperfectly.’ May this story inspire you to get on with the things that spark joy in you and stop waiting for the perfect time and conditions.

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informational interviews test drive career

Informational Interviews – The Way to Test-Drive Your Dream Career

Informational interviews provide an opportunity to learn about the day-to-day reality of your dream career from people who are already engaged in it. Conducting informational interviews allows you to ‘test-drive’ your dream career before investing in additional training, starting a business or applying for jobs. This will save you a lot of time and energy!

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find your tribe authenticity

How to Find Your Tribe

Do you yearn for a career where you feel a sense of belonging? Most people do! Do you leave parts of you behind when you go to work? You are not alone. When you find your tribe, a group of people you truly belong to, you will learn to show up more authentically. It will help you let go of masks and armours you may have put on in the work place in order to fit in. Finding your tribe ultimately helps you find a career and a work environment where your authentic gifts are fully appreciated.

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say no with confidence and grace

How to Say NO with Confidence and Grace

Who likes to say no? Most people don’t! However, if you want to say YES to your positive career transformation, you need to learn how to say no to the things that keep you stuck, distracted and overcommitted. Learning how to say no with confidence and grace will help you move forward and create the career and life you truly want. May Aimee’s story inspire you to say YES to your bigger vision and no to things that hold you back from achieving it.

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how to let go of past mistakes

How to Let Go of Past Mistakes

Dwelling on past mistakes is a huge waste of energy and a sure way to keep you stuck, filled with resentment and judgement. But how exactly do you let go of past mistakes? Every situation in life, including disappointing ones, is there to teach you something. So, stop beating yourself up.

Let’s turn your past mistakes into opportunities for growth and positive change instead. It’s a sure way to get you energized and moving forward with your career and life goals. Slide to the edge of your chair. Get ready to learn how to let go of past mistakes!

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Gratitude – The Way to Complete Your Year

Gratitude is one of the most powerful states that we can be in. The more you cultivate gratitude in your life, the more you find to be grateful for. Gratitude is a powerful antidote for negative emotions. It’s next to impossible to feel grateful and at the same time frustrated, angry or resentful.

As the year draws to a close, I invite you to take some quality time to reflect in gratitude on all the gifts you have received. This ritual will help you complete your year in a positive way. As you reap the learning, acknowledge your accomplishments, celebrate your success and appreciate your blessings, you naturally plant seeds for a happy, fulfilling New Year.

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