Moments of Joy

What Makes Your Heart Sing?

I have always loved singing in harmony and have sung in several choirs in the past. When I moved to Victoria, I was looking for a small vocal ensemble to sing with. In my search for a small community choir, I stumbled upon one of the biggest choirs I have ever listened to: The Gettin’ Higher Choir.

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Life Wants to be Savoured – Mindfulness Meditation Made Easy & Delicious

Some call it mindfulness meditation. It's a delicious way of becoming present right here, right now!

Some call it mindfulness meditation. It’s a delicious way of becoming present right here, right now!

Do you remember the last time you savoured a meal, a piece of fine chocolate or a delicious smoothie? – Your mouth was watering, your taste buds rejoicing. Maybe your mouth is watering now, as you recall this joyful memory.

What if we could experience everything in life with the same rich, delicious intensity?

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Making Friends with Your Craving

Next time you feel a craving, focus on feeling the craving rather than the object of your craving such as chocolate.

Next time you feel a craving, focus on feeling the craving rather than the object of your craving such as chocolate.

I love chocolate, especially dark chocolate. I love the way it melts in my mouth, I love its sweet and bitter taste. There is just nothing quite like it.

Unfortunately I have become more and more sensitive to the caffeine contained in chocolate. It gives me the jitters, and when I have it too late in the afternoon, it prevents me from sleeping well at night.

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Energy Booster

How to find your natural energy booster?

How to find your natural energy booster?

Have you ever noticed that you feel more engaged and alive in certain places than in others?

A beautiful forest, a rushing river or a calm lake all bring me to my inner place of aliveness. They are natural energy boosters for me. I feel connected, calm and at home when I am in nature. One could assume that nature is the place where all people feel most alive and at home, however this is far from the truth.

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Learning Something New Can Be That Much Fun

I like learning something new and I like throwing a frisbee around ... even though I am not very good at it.

I like learning something new and I like throwing a Frisbee around … even though I am not very good at it.

A few years ago a friend invited me to play disc golf with a group of his disc golfing buddies. I  like learning something new and I like throwing a Frisbee around in a park with friends, even though I am not very good at it.

I accidentally learned about disc golfing many years prior. I thought I was being helpful by picking up a Frisbee in a public park for two guys who seemed to be playing together, only to find out that they were throwing their Frisbee towards a target instead of to each other. The objective of the game – as I found out that day – is to hit each target with the fewest number of throws of the Frisbee. That incident had piqued my curiosity for disc golf. When my friend asked me to join him and his buddies for a round of disc golf, I happily agreed.

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New Stress Relief Offering: Mini-Retreat Home Parties

Recently I offered a Mini-Retreat course at Oaklands Community Centre. Two days prior to the workshop, I received an e-mail from Oaklands, asking whether I wanted to go ahead with the workshop despite the low number of registered participants. Only three people had registered for the course. Usually my minimum is six people. The logical next step would have been to cancel the course.

I am not sure why, but somehow I knew I needed to be there and provide the course. Saturday afternoon at Oaklands, four women showed up, all very eager and excited to participate. Two of them were girlfriends who had registered two months prior and had been looking forward to this course ever since. Both were dealing with extremely stressful life situations and were looking forward to learning stress relief techniques .

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Stress-Relief: Urban Oasis Tea Tasting

On my way back from the Grand Canyon, I had a few hours overlay in Seattle. I was tired from my travel through the night and early morning and was looking for a place to relax and recharge. On my walk towards the downtown ferry terminal, I stumbled upon a beautiful Chinese tea store.

I walked in and was immediately surrounded by a pleasant, calming atmosphere. A few water fountains, soft background music along with beautiful old-style Chinese furniture created a relaxing, welcoming ambiance. Wooden chairs were lined up along the counter and two people were already seated with tiny cups of tea placed in front of them on miniature trays. The merchant behind the counter kindly offered me a seat and a tasting of tea which I gratefully accepted.

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Stress-Relief: Inner City Gardens

stress-relief at Belltown P-PatchBig cities with their concrete building, loud noise and pollution exhaust me. Whenever I visit a big city, I immediately look for an oasis, a sanctuary, a natural space in the midst of the high rises.

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EMBRACING A LESS KNOWN VIRTUE – How to Receive with Gratitude

On a beautiful sunny afternoon in Vancouver, I was riding my bike to the bus station. I was on my way to catch a bus that would transport me and my bike to the ferry terminal. I had just spent the weekend with good friends and was happy about the unexpected warm weather.

As I stopped at a red traffic light a man, who looked like a homeless person, walked towards me with a bunch of daffodils in his hand. I guess he had picked them in a nearby park. As he came closer, he extended his hand with the bouquet towards me, smiled a toothless smile and walked on. I only had a moment to receive the flowers and express my gratitude. I was touched by the unexpected act of kindness, especially coming from someone who seemed to possess so little.

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Better Than Chocolate Eggs

This Easter weekend I spent some time gardening. It was a beautiful sunny day and so warm that I was comfortable in my T-shirt, jeans and bare feet. What a treat! I was in the midst of pulling weeds when I discovered to my great surprise a few sugar peas that were barely two inches tall.

I had stuck the seeds into the ground about a month ago and after two weeks of regular checks I had given up on them, thinking that the seeds might have been too old. I looked at the little shoots with their tender leaves with pure joy. I thought to myself: “This is so much better than chocolate eggs”, which is a strong statement coming from a chocolate lover.

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