Mini Retreats

Create a Supportive Environment for Mini-Retreats

You can take Mini-Retreats anywhere and anytime, however creating a supportive environment for yourself will help you relax and make your retreats more enjoyable and powerful.

Notice Supportive Places in Your Environment

Water fountains

Water in motion has a relaxing and rejuvenating effect. Public fountains, or your own mini-fountain in your home or office can help you relax. A walk by the ocean, a creek, a river, all have a soothing impact. If no water source is available, you can also purchase nature sound CDs and post images of natural water in your space. Also listen to the sound of water as you wash your hands and take a shower – it can have a similar soothing effect.

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How to Remember to Take a Mini-Retreat – Existing Triggers

Noticing Your Own Signs of Fatigue

Your body actually tells you when it’s time to take a Mini-Retreat. When you notice a desire to yawn and stretch, get hungry, have a hard time concentrating or notice the inclination to procrastinate or fantasize, your body is giving you the message, that it is time to relax and recharge. Most people have become accustomed to ignore these natural signs or override them with caffeine or sugar.

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Share Your Favourite Mini-Retreats

The over 80 Mini-Retreats I share in The Mini-Retreat Solution, are just the beginning. There are many more ways to relax and refresh anywhere and anytime throughout the day.

Please share your favourite ways to relax quickly with the Mini-Retreat Community and check out other readers’ ideas.

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Share Your Vision: Imagine Everyone Took Mini-Retreats

Take a moment to imagine everyone in your community enjoying Mini-Retreats. Following is a guided Mini-Retreat to help you envision and explore this possibility. Take notes as you journey in your imagination and share your vision with the community online.

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Name My New Book Contest

Here’s your chance to win my soon to be published book The Mini-Retreat Solution (working title).I didn’t think naming my book would be such a hard task, but it is.

That’s why I need your help! – And that’s why I am rewarding your support by giving away three books hot off the press, signed for the three lucky winners. Take a few moments to participate in the online contest, and be eligible to win the book!


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Guided Mini-Retreats Audio CD Series


High levels of stress over long time periods seriously impact your health, effectiveness and focus, not to mention your overall enjoyment of life.

Stress Relief Solution: Mini-Retreats, be it in the form of meditation, deep breathing or simply stepping outside for a short walk. Mini-Retreats help you recover quickly from periods of stress and regain your focus.

Check out Guided Mini-Retreats for Busy People. These are 6- to 15-minute short audio “vacations” of meditation, relaxation and empowering visualizations. Listening to them helps you recharge quickly, especially if you listen to them on a regular basis.

These guided retreats are invaluable. They have helped me realize and achieve my goals,” says Michelle Raymond, a busy Realtor with ReMax Select Properties.

Order now at http://juliajames.ca/products/

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