Mini Retreats

Stress Relief Companion: Eye-Pillow

Today, I want to share one of my favourite companions for relaxation with you: my eye-pillow!

  • Falling asleep with my eye-pillow placed on my eyes is just wonderful! It helps me release any tension from the day and get sound and peaceful sleep throughout the night.
  • On my travels, it makes getting good sleep in unfamiliar environments that much easier.
  • My afternoon power-nap is even more relaxing and energizing, if I put my eye-pillow. It helps me fall asleep in plain daylight within minutes. 15 minutes later I awake with renewed energy.
  • My little companion helps me when engaging in one of the stress relief techniques I call Mini-Retreats that involves visualization. Such as the mini-vacation, where you let your mind visit a beautiful, restoring, relaxing place.  Also the Mini-Retreat “rise above”, where you imagine flying up above your life’s current challenges as if you were an eagle and looking at your life from this perspective.
  • My eye-pillow lets me focus much easier on stress relief techniques such as “body scan and tension release”, “autogenic breathing” or “progressive muscle relaxation,” which makes the stress relief technique even more effective.
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Stress-Relief: Inner City Gardens

stress-relief at Belltown P-PatchBig cities with their concrete building, loud noise and pollution exhaust me. Whenever I visit a big city, I immediately look for an oasis, a sanctuary, a natural space in the midst of the high rises.

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Who Knows What is Good and What is Bad?

I hope this SPARK finds you well and enjoying the emerging spring!

It has been a long and rough winter for me. My relationship with John ended. I moved into a place that did not work out for me; it was my worst experience as a tenant. I had a really bad cold that lasted over a month and weakened me so much that I had to ask my friends for help with getting groceries. For the first time since I began writing my newsletter SPARK, I took a break from it.

Fortunately I found a good new home just minutes away from the ocean and moved here a few weeks ago. Recently I have been waking up with writing ideas every morning, so it seems that the time is right to write a SPARK for you.

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Mini-Retreats Enhance Productivity

Patricia Katz has put together an incredible wealth of evidence that self-care and wellness practices enhance productivity. So often we still get trapped in the old, unfounded beliefs that keep us running in the hamster wheel of non-stop activity.

Here is what Patricia found in a nutshell:

  • Relaxation breaks reduce strain and increase stamina
  • Naps enhance productivity
  • Time away boosts effectiveness
  • Moderate sleep and regular vacations extend life
  • Wellness and renewal investments pay big dividends
  • Sabbaticals build loyalty
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Rescue Remedy for Crappy Days

Every now and again we all experience a really crappy day. One of those days where everything and everybody seem to have conspired against you and nothing goes right. Your car breaks down, your daughter has a temper tantrum, your spouse is upset, you forget your umbrella and get soaking wet in the rain and on and on it goes. Wouldn’t it be great to have a rescue remedy handy in those trying circumstances?

Every now and again you may even feel crappy for no apparent reason at all and that can be just as challenging. I have certainly experienced it and really questioned my feelings, because there were no external circumstances that could justify my unhappiness.

Right in the midst of one of these terrible days, you may wish to bury your head in the sand and reappear tomorrow; you worry though that tomorrow may be just as miserable. Over the years I have come to appreciate a special rescue remedy that works wonders for me.

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A Special Gift for YOU

With the holiday season fast approaching, I imagine you are thinking about, or soon will be, what to give to whom. In my recent blog article, I introduced another way of giving. I encourage you to give of this special gift generously.

In the spirit of giving, I would like to give a special gift to YOU. For every 2 copies of The Mini-Retreat Solution you order through my website between now and December 31, you will receive an extra copy. (note: this does not apply to orders through amazon)

I would be delighted to sign the books for you. Simply send me an e-mail letting me know who you would like to give the books to, and I will sign it for each of your loved ones.

In celebration of the joy of giving!

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A Gift for Your Loved Ones

When we think of gifts, we usually associate them with tangible objects or a favour we do for someone else. There is another kind of gift; it is a precious gift indeed, the gift of self-care.

Every time you take good care of yourself, you are giving a gift to the people you love. Why is that so? Because taking good care of yourself, brings out your happiest self. Guess what – your happiness is the most precious gift you can give to your loved ones.

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How to Relax Like Cats Do

Have you ever noticed how relaxed cats are?  Now you too can be purring like a cat in only minutes.

In the midst of our hurried lives, it’s a good idea to slow down and imitate a cat for a while. Pushing your feet into the floor, like cats do, creates a grounded feeling and helps you let go of the thoughts and worries in your mind.

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A Step Towards Balance

Today is the fall equinox, the day of perfect balance of darkness and light. On this symbolically balanced day, I invite you to join me in taking any new step towards your healthy life balance. Think about one small step you could embrace today and then, most importantly take it.

I have committed to an evening Mini-Retreat that I will do everyday starting today until the spring equinox (March 20). This will help me keep energized throughout the darker time of the year, here in the northern hemisphere.

Please share on my blog what you are committed to do for yourself this fall.

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Small Simple Steps Make the Biggest Difference – Create a Positive Domino Effect in Your Life

Feeling overwhelmed seems to be a constant in most people’s lives today. Too much work, endless to-do lists, too many demands, too many bills to pay, too much!  This may lead to feeling helpless and unable to do anything.

When faced with the challenge of too much, we often think that we have to take big steps according to the magnitude of how overwhelmed we feel. It may seem counter-intuitive; however, small simple steps will make the biggest difference over time. This concept is also known as the positive domino effect.

Small steps that you can take right away to start a positive domino effect in your life:

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