Mini Retreats

Relaxing for Youth Empowerment – Fundraiser for The Power of Hope

What a rewarding experience to once again raise funds for The Power of Hope!

I am especially pleased to see more and more corporate team leaders choose The Mini-Retreat Solution as a gift for their team members. The gift of Mini-Retreats provides a much longer lasting experience than a box of chocolate or a bottle of wine ever could. It also shows that more and more leaders care about their employees well-being and self-care.

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Your Presence is Precious – How to Relax in the Midst of the busy Holiday Season

The winter season always inspires me to turn inward. As we wait for the light to return, it is a special joy to connect with the light within, with our feelings of gratitude, love and compassion.
Unfortunately, all too often we fill up the holiday season with too many things to do and to buy, which can leave us feeling and acting stressed. A reader of The Mini-Retreat Solution, let’s call him Bob, sent me a touching story last winter.
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How to Relax While Waiting – A Whole New Appreciation for Red Lights

Last week, I facilitated a Mini-Retreat Workshop for a group of women. During the session I shared how to relax without taking any extra time, including at red traffic lights. This is always a popular part of my workshops, as most people feel relieved that they can find ways to relax without taking any extra time.

Oftentimes a red traffic light feels like a stressor, a barrier that keeps you stuck in traffic and prevents you from moving forward. Instead of wasting this time feeling stressed or anxious, turn it into quick time-out to relax.

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How to Reduce Stress & Create a Positive Ripple

One of the wonderful things about taking Mini-Retreats is that everyone around you benefits in many ways. Unfortunately many people, especially women, still feel selfish and guilty when taking moments to relax. My mission is to help you and your friends bust these limiting beliefs and make self-care a joyful, invigorating, daily experience that sends ripples of relaxation to the people around you and out into the community.

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A FUN Way to Reduce Stress Quickly: Mini-Retreats

What a treat to share Mini-Retreats with Katherine Lazaruk and her clients at her beautiful new office location in downtown Vancouver last Friday!

In the cozy space of ICU Image Consulting, six of Katherine’s most valued clients gathered to learn how to reduce stress quickly in the midst of their busy lives. Often taking time for self-care seems like one more thing to do on your already long to-do-list.

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Life Wants to be Savoured – Mindfulness Meditation Made Easy & Delicious

Some call it mindfulness meditation. It's a delicious way of becoming present right here, right now!

Some call it mindfulness meditation. It’s a delicious way of becoming present right here, right now!

Do you remember the last time you savoured a meal, a piece of fine chocolate or a delicious smoothie? – Your mouth was watering, your taste buds rejoicing. Maybe your mouth is watering now, as you recall this joyful memory.

What if we could experience everything in life with the same rich, delicious intensity?

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How to Break Your Stress Patterns

During a recent Mini-Retreat Home Party we talked about the physical impact of stress on our bodies. For some it manifests as tightness in the shoulders and neck, for others it feels as if stress contracts their stomach into a tight knot, yet others feel stress as a jittery sensation, as if they had too much coffee.

No matter what your physical responses to stress, they are blessings in disguise. It is important to pay attention to your body’s internal stress alarm system and respond by giving your body what it most urgently needs: relaxation.

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How to Bring More Joy into Your Life

Notice the small things that bring you joy!

Notice the small things that bring you joy!

When we feel joy, we feel most alive! When you notice the small things that bring you joy and consciously create and receive moments of joy in your daily life, your experience of life will change for the better.

Jacqueline Kelm, fellow-author and coach, has developed an easy 3-step process to achieve just that. In her book, The Joy of Appreciative Living, Kelm shares her personal story and the success stories of the participants of her “joy study”.  An engineer by training, Jackie shares her research of happiness and backs her personal discoveries and the results of her study with the newest scientific discoveries in the field of positive psychology.

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Find Your Sanctuary

my sanctuary brings me right back to what matters most.

My sanctuary brings me right back to what matters most.

Last weekend I had a chance to review all the moments I had captured with my camera over the last six months. What a joy to revisit so many wonderful memories!

I am deeply grateful for all the love in my life and the beautiful sanctuary I live in. This picture shows my sanctuary, a special place on the shore just minutes away from my home. I go there often. Each time my sanctuary brings me right back to what matters most.

Reflecting on my sanctuary, I realize that I have sought out special places in nature for renewal in all the places I have ever lived. Even in the bustling city of Paris, I managed to find my sanctuary in a nearby park. I went there daily to reconnect with myself and nature.

I encourage you to find your own sanctuary! Seek out a special place in your neighbourhood where you can go to refresh and renew yourself. May it become your sanctuary! You may also want to find a sanctuary close to your office, so that you can retreat during your lunch and coffee breaks. You will come back to work with renewed focus and energy. Enjoy!

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How to Deal with Anger Effectively

deal with anger

Fortunately, once aware of our triggers, we can learn how to deal with anger more effectively.

An experience with a little bird reminded me how important it is to learn how to deal with anger effectively. Last spring, a Robin flew against my window in the morning, luckily the Robin survived, but strangely he didn’t learn from its painful experience. The Robin immediately flew against the window again and again and again. I was truly puzzled by this little bird’s behaviour. I searched the Internet for the answer and found that Robins are very territorial birds.

When a Robin sees another Robin in its breeding or feeding territory, it instinctively attacks the other bird. My window acted as a mirror to the Robin. As the Robin saw his reflection, he interpreted this as an intruder and began attacking to chase the intruder away. The Robin’s instinct to protect his territory was far greater than his pain memory.
As recommended on several websites, I put masking tape on the outside of the window, taking away the mirror effect for the bird. For the rest of the spring season the Robins around my home were safe. This phenomenon of head-bonking is also quite common in humans.
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