Marathon for positive change

Positive change in our communities – Success!

I am overjoyed to announce that my first fundraiser was a great success! Thanks to the generosity of my clients, colleagues, newsletter readers, friends and family, we raised $1177 to benefit three of my favourite charities: Evergreen Foundation, The Land Conservancy and Big Sisters. I am thrilled with the results and enormously grateful to all who contributed… thank you so much for your support!

This experience has been tremendously rewarding, and it has inspired me to conduct another fundraiser in the fall. I feel so blessed for the many wonderful things that have happened in my life and business, and it feels fantastic to “pay it forward” and help others.

If you feel inspired to sponsor your own fundraising event, you might consider working with CanadaHelps.org. The organization is an online “donation portal” that allows your donors to contribute directly to any one of Canada’s 80,000 charities. The process is easy, safe, and fast – it doesn’t get any easier!

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Challenge Yourself and Come Alive!


by Julia James, Certified Life Coach

I recently completed a 30km cross-country skiing marathon – a real stretch for a girl who lacked confidence and skill in high school athletics. But this journey wasn’t about competing; it was about
completing… and contributing. My efforts were inspired by a desire to raise funds for my favourite charities.

After four skiing lessons, I was armed with techniques and mental queues to keep me going and make the most of every stride: “pop,” “up” and “kick!” My excitement to participate helped me push past lingering self-doubts, and on the day of the race, not even the cold (-16 C!) could deter me.

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YEAH! I did it! x-country ski marathon for positive change

Saturday, February 2nd was the big day. It was -16 degrees Celsius (3 degrees Fahrenheit), with sunny, blue skies and almost no wind. Perfect conditions for my first marathon! While I was getting into a rhythm, all of the tips from my trainer, Georgia, came to mind. I felt like she was skiing right there with me, telling me the cues: “Pop!”, “Fly!”, “Up!” Amazing what you can learn in only 4 ski lessons! There were times throughout the race when my legs felt weak and my body tired, and in those moments all of your encouraging messages came back to me and helped me to push through.

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Tomorrow is race-day! Ski marathon for positive change

Just a little reminder: The x-country marathon is this Saturday, February 2nd. Thank you so much for your support!

I am excited about the marathon! We had a lovely and uncharacteristic snowfall in Vancouver this week. I took the opportunity to ski to my early morning networking meeting. It was probably the safest way to get there and was a great training opportunity.

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Getting Ready – Ski Marathon for Positive Change

I have been training hard for the upcoming x-country ski marathon. In mid-January, I went away on a mini retreat in the snow for my birthday with my good friends. While they were still warmly tucked in bed, I was up before dawn every day skiing. The feeling of being at peace with the snow, the stars, and the world at 5:30am as I was skiing through the magical quiet winter wonderland was well worth it. I even surprised myself by skiing a total of 28km in one day. I am getting close to being ready!

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Donate NOW for Positive Change in Our Communities

I will match your contribution until Dec. 31st!

Donate Now! (see the link below)

Thank you so much for your support for local charities! So far $145 have been donated.

It’s wonderful to receive the encouraging messages for my x-country marathon challenge. I know I am not alone while training for my first marathon!

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X-Country Ski Marathon for Positive Change

This year has been amazing for me in so many different ways, including my growing and flourishing business. I am making a tangible contribution to people’s lives every day. One way that I am expressing my gratitude is by participating in a 30 km cross-country ski race in February of 2008 to raise funds for my favourite

Please help me give back to the community and embrace diversity by contributing to three wonderful charities:

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