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New Year’s Resolutions – How to Make them Stick

The New Year has just began and you may already be struggling to keep your New Year’s Resolutions. Even with the best of intentions to resolve to quit smoking, work out regularly, or make more money, many of us don’t follow-through and stick to our plans.

It’s because many of us create expectations to live up to, rather than a vision to live in to.

What can you do? You don’t have to drop personal goals altogether. There is another way to put your hopes and dreams into practice with intention.

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How to Set Meaningful Goals & Accomplish Them with Ease

How do you feel about making New Year’s Resolutions? Even with the best of intentions to resolve to quit smoking, work out regularly, or make more money, we already know how it’s going to turn out before we begin. Come January 5th,
we won’t feel like it anymore.

We create an expectation to live up to, rather than a vision to live in to.

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It is Never Too Late to Transform Your Life

Do you want to make some significant changes in your life, but somehow feel that you are too old to do that? You are not alone! When I begin working a new coaching client, we often discover a limiting belief: “I am too old to change my career, find my life partner, learn how to belly dance, travel alone, ….”

Strangely it doesn’t really matter if the new client is 23 or 56 years old, the belief  seems to be able to live in our brains no matter how long we have been on this planet.

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Life is What You Make It – What Do You Most Want to Create?

life is what you make itOne of my favorite things to do is to browse through local thrift stores looking for curiosities. It is such a joy to find something precious and special that I can bring back to life, make useful again and enjoy.

Having recently moved, you can imagine that I have been thoroughly enjoying this activity, seeking out great things to decorate my new home. Today, I came across a white cloth. I wasn’t quite sure if it was a table cloth or a sheet for a bed, so I asked the lady standing next to me what she thought it was. She replied, “It is what you make of it, just like life.”

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Do You Feel Alone? Call on Your Support Team

feel aloneOn my journey through Chile, I visited the fascinating houses of poet and national hero Pablo Neruda. Stepping into his houses was almost like entering a dream. Pablo loved ships, and many elements of his homes were crafted to resemble the interior of a yacht: porthole windows, low and rounded ceilings, narrow hallways and staircases, and always a view of the ocean.

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Givers Gain: The Key to Successful Networking

“Networking is the key to finding new opportunities, it’s a terrific way to advance your career and grow your business.”

If networking is so full of promise, why do most people get a sinking feeling when they hear the word?

Learning to connect with strangers can be challenging! Even confident, capable professionals often feel awkward and intimidated at a networking event. The key to moving past this discomfort is simple: instead of networking to gain (connections, opportunities, business, etc.), look for ways to give.

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