Genius - How to Find YOURS

Genius – How to Find YOURS

As Albert Einstein said: “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” So, if you are feeling out of touch with your genius in your career, you are probably not in the right environment to thrive (which for the fish is water) nor engaged in work that suits your abilities (which for the fish is swimming). You are absolutely not alone! May my own journey from career-dread to career-fulfillment inspire you to reconnect with your genius.

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Baby Steps

Baby Steps – The Way to Get Ready for Career Change

The easiest and most fun way to unstick yourself from a job that doesn’t fit, is to instigate small changes in your life. The baby steps you take to shift your perspective don’t even have to be career related, they don’t have to happen between 9am and 5pm either. Get inspired by Arash’s story to get ready for the career change you are longing for, one baby step at a time.

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Reclaim joy to stop your procrastination habits

How to Stop Procrastinating

Is procrastination is stopping you from moving forward in your career and life? Then let Andrew’s story inspire you to reclaim your joy and focus. While searching for a fulfilling career, most people are still working in a job that is not aligned with their strengths and values and doesn’t feed their soul. Andrew (not his real name), who is exactly in this situation, came to his coaching call wanting to learn how to stop procrastinating. Even though his goal is to eventually leave his current job, he wants to perform at a higher level to grow his confidence and feel better about his current work and himself.

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How to Make Back to Work Blues Work for You

Are you feeling back to work blues after returning from a vacation? Many of us do. Going back to work after a vacation can be a depressing experience, especially when stuck in a career that doesn’t fit. Your heart tends to remain on vacation as you try to push yourself back into serious work mode.

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What’s Forgiveness Gotta Do with Finding the Right Career?

When was the last time you felt a deep sense of happiness, joy, freedom, or gratitude? If you can’t remember, you may be holding on to resentments. Resentments act like debris in the river of life. They clog the flow and keep you stuck professionally and personally. Every resentment you are holding, whether you are aware of it or not, is holding you back from finding the right career and living the life you love.

How do you get the river flowing once again, so that you can move forward in your career and your life? May Tanya’s story (not her real name) inspire you to let the clear water of forgiveness wash through the river of your life and wash away the debris that’s clogging up the flow.

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Find Yourself Thinking ‘I Hate My Job’? – Here’s How to Create Your Exit Plan!

Do you often find yourself thinking ‘I hate my job’? If you have lost your mojo at work, or no longer wake up excited about your day’s work, you are definitely not alone. I have been there; I know how frustrating it is. Unfortunately, very few people take action and make the necessary changes. Here are the three most common reasons why people stay stuck in a job they hate:

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what career is right for me?

What career is right for me?

Many people believe that following your passion is guaranteed to lead to success and happiness in your career and your life. While passion is an important aspect of finding the answer to the question: “What Career is right for me?” – it is not the only one. It is just as important that your career fits well with the rest of your life. As your life circumstances change, your priorities in life change. Parenthood is undoubtedly one of the biggest life changes you may experience. As you will learn from Caroline’s story, it is well worth reconsidering and adjusting your career direction when life circumstances change. There is a way to pursue your passion that also supports your family life.

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A Fresh Approach to Goal Setting


A Fresh Approach to Goal Setting – Celebrate what went well last year!

For many people the beginning of the year is a time for goal setting. Unfortunately most New Year’s goals are broken within the first couple of days or months of the New Year. When we resolve to do things differently in the New Year, we focus on things that are amiss in our lives and overlook the things that are working well already. Why not take a fresh approach to goal setting this year? Take a moment to appreciate and celebrate what went well last year, so that you can naturally build on your success.

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How Much is Enough?

My passion is working with mid-career professionals at a cross-road in their career. It is an absolute joy to support them in finding and creating a career that is just right for them: A career that they truly feel at home in, that allows them to flourish and contribute with their most precious gifts.

Asking the question, ‘how much is enough?’ helps many of my clients reach clarity on what they need to let go of, so that they can pursue their most important goals. While engaged on their journey of discovering the career that is just right for them, many of my clients are of course still working in a job that drains their energy. This energy drain can get in the way of getting in touch with what is right for them career wise.

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Three Revealing Steps Towards Your Ideal Career

Today I am going to show you three revealing steps towards your ideal career path that you can take right away, no matter how frustrated and unhappy you feel in your current job. When stuck in a job that doesn’t fit, most of us tend to complain a lot.  I have been there and completely understand!

However, each time you complain about your job, you spend precious life energy building up the situation you don’t like and feeling powerless. You will learn how to “develop” the complaints about your current job and turn them into dreams of your ideal career. Your dreams will inspire you to take small action steps towards your ideal career path. With each step you will gain momentum and confidence.

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