informational interviews test drive career

Informational Interviews – The Way to Test-Drive Your Dream Career

Informational interviews provide an opportunity to learn about the day-to-day reality of your dream career from people who are already engaged in it. Conducting informational interviews allows you to ‘test-drive’ your dream career before investing in additional training, starting a business or applying for jobs. This will save you a lot of time and energy!

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find your tribe authenticity

How to Find Your Tribe

Do you yearn for a career where you feel a sense of belonging? Most people do! Do you leave parts of you behind when you go to work? You are not alone. When you find your tribe, a group of people you truly belong to, you will learn to show up more authentically. It will help you let go of masks and armours you may have put on in the work place in order to fit in. Finding your tribe ultimately helps you find a career and a work environment where your authentic gifts are fully appreciated.

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say no with confidence and grace

How to Say NO with Confidence and Grace

Who likes to say no? Most people don’t! However, if you want to say YES to your positive career transformation, you need to learn how to say no to the things that keep you stuck, distracted and overcommitted. Learning how to say no with confidence and grace will help you move forward and create the career and life you truly want. May Aimee’s story inspire you to say YES to your bigger vision and no to things that hold you back from achieving it.

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how to let go of past mistakes

How to Let Go of Past Mistakes

Dwelling on past mistakes is a huge waste of energy and a sure way to keep you stuck, filled with resentment and judgement. But how exactly do you let go of past mistakes? Every situation in life, including disappointing ones, is there to teach you something. So, stop beating yourself up.

Let’s turn your past mistakes into opportunities for growth and positive change instead. It’s a sure way to get you energized and moving forward with your career and life goals. Slide to the edge of your chair. Get ready to learn how to let go of past mistakes!

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Gratitude – The Way to Complete Your Year

Gratitude is one of the most powerful states that we can be in. The more you cultivate gratitude in your life, the more you find to be grateful for. Gratitude is a powerful antidote for negative emotions. It’s next to impossible to feel grateful and at the same time frustrated, angry or resentful.

As the year draws to a close, I invite you to take some quality time to reflect in gratitude on all the gifts you have received. This ritual will help you complete your year in a positive way. As you reap the learning, acknowledge your accomplishments, celebrate your success and appreciate your blessings, you naturally plant seeds for a happy, fulfilling New Year.

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Doing What You Love

Doing What You Love – How to Grow Your Health & Happiness

Finding your calling and dedicating your life to doing what you love undoubtedly is the most meaningful and fulfilling way of living you can create for yourself. I was recently reminded of this, when our dear neighbour, Mary (not her real name), quietly took her last breath while working in her beautiful, beloved garden at the ripe old age of 96 years. Spring, summer, winter and fall, Mary could be found in her garden most days, planting, watering, pruning, weeding, lovingly creating and re-creating beauty year after year.

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Career Clarity from the Inside Out

Career Clarity from the Inside Out

When Sinisha ventured on his career clarity exploration and hired me as his career coach, he was frustrated that at 55 he was still wondering what the heck to be “when I grow up.” He felt lost. Stuck in a dead end job, he needed help navigating his way out of grid lock and into a more constructive direction.

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find your flow at work

How to Find Your Flow at Work

Many people feel out of sync at work, either constantly rushed, feeling behind or feeling bored and stagnant. So, if you are wondering how can you find your flow at work, you are not alone. Based on my quest for career clarity and my clients’ successes I feel strongly that career fulfillment is intricately connected with embracing your innate pace at work and at play.

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Learning Style – Discover Yours & Make Career Change Easy

Learning something new can be a most energizing or a most frustrating experience depending on how we go about it. Getting clear on your learning style will make your learning experience much more energizing and rewarding.  Changing careers goes almost always hand in hand with learning new skills. As you discover your natural learning style and work with your strengths you will ease your way through career transition. 

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hero's journey

Hero’s Journey – How to Receive Guidance on YOUR’S

The quest for career clarity and fulfillment takes courage, it’s truly a hero’s journey! Do you feel lost and alone sometimes on your hero’s journey? Most people do. The feeling of isolation is indeed one of the factors that keeps people stuck in a job that doesn’t fit. There are many ways to receive guidance and support on your hero’s journey. Today I am going to share one of my favourite ways to break through isolation, which will help you move forward swiftly and joyfully.

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